Saturday, November 27, 2010

'Kind of but not really' wish list

J'adore Dior: i think this one is a classic! i've always love the way it smelled, rubbing the sample in the stores an even magazine samples! It has a very feminine scent which I adore, hence J'adore. lol. There is a scent of orchids, Damascus plum and some amaranth wood. hhmmm soo good

Givenchy Play for Her Intense: Initially, I was sniffing the pink one thinking, 'wow. it smells gorgeous'. But then, shopping with my sister she had to argue that she wanted it first. So me being the nice older sister, said "fine, i'll just get the purple one then', of course with no enthusiasm. To my surprise, I felt it the Intense one was more better suited for me and my body oils. Basically, to me, it just smells 100x better for my tastes. A perfect winter fragrance. This ismy #1 choice. hhm yuuum. It has a woody, ambery floral aroma. Perfect to my liking. Sensual? YES IT IS! and alllurrrinnng

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