Thursday, May 7, 2009


k k, i am digging these new girls. omg. i love their style and it inspired me to reconsider altering some of my old clothes. now that I have the time to create things. i love new summer projects. before anyone gets too critical of this new group like "omg, another wondergirls", these girls tracks are not the typical k-pop, its more daring in a korean sense. more westernized but maintaing it's seoul roots. i love it. i am just so in love with their outfits.


ahhhhh I can't believe it's actually done. i was on the jun pyo and jan di team all the way. i developed a huge crush on jun pyo (lee min ho) as i was watching. sometimes when i should be studying I would be watching!! omg. anyways, if you have not yet watched this awesome series, you are definitely missing out I tell you. i honestly am not so crazy about the 'soeulmates', like I just kept thinking, when is jun pyo gonna be on!!! lol. i have the entire ost, I had to get the song by t-max fight the bad feeling. I lost sleep looking for that damn track. lol. yayyyy. i finally have it and can listen to it all day long in the car now.

now... i have returned to my old love, kwon sang woo. he's finally back everybody. after watching 'bad love' i felt like there was something missing. and kwon sang woo read my mind and decided to push it even farther and play 2 roles!!! woohoo. seexxxy. it's a huge different genre from boys over flowers, nothing to compare to, but i still love and enjoy watching 'cinderalla man'. he looks fine for a 30 plus yr old. the main girl is from SNSD so I am watching critically right now and critiquing her acting ability. lol. it's pretty akward for now, but I am giving her time. haha. gonna go back to watching now. toodles! ^__^