Saturday, June 20, 2009

LOTD: Smokey Blue Eyes

hey hey. off to go to work. my headbands seriously has something to do with my tips too! lol. i felt 'fierce' with this look. haha (yea right). i am seriously feelin the blues right now. is it obvious? lol. what i used

Eyes: Femme Fi all over lid, Shimmermoss on crease, with Deep Truth deepening the look
Lips: Brave new bronze with gold rebel
Cheeks: NARS Angelika

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sexy Aquatic Summer Eyes

Hey!!!! I'm really feelin' the blues and greens right now. hehe. i hope you likie. tell me what y'all think. its such a fresh fun look.

Eyes: MAC Delft paintpot, MAC Teal pigment, MAC Scant for highlight.

thats it!

MAC Style Warrior Lips

heyy is the MAC Tribalist l/s. it's dark, but if you use the fierce and fabulous l/g from style warrior as well, its gonna be poppin! lol. very simple and easy look. some people are also scared of dark lipstick. go for it. seriously. try it. hehe. muahs guys. be confident (=

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Almost Summer

yay the weather was finally better today, no more rain finally. and it didn't look gloomy. so took out my sister and sister in law out in a day of the sun (=

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pretty Party Look

Yes, yes, I guess y'all can tell that this is my fave hairstyle I like to rock. haha. This is actually my hostessing/waitressing look. But you can use it as a party look! It's simply and quick to do. I'll be doing a tut on it for y'all! muahs

Cheeks: MAC Peachykeen
Eyes: MAC Twinks e/s
Lips: MAC Chatterbox (amplified l/s)

LOTD: Simple Eyes and Bold Lips

Here's another 'favorite' look. The date on the pics are messed. but anyways, another look for a boring day at work. I love to match my makeup looks to my mood. I actually match my clothes to my makeup rather than the other way around. lol. oh dear. anyways, what am i wearing?

Face: MAC Studio fix powder NC35
Cheeks: MAC Springsheen
Eyes: MAC Femme Fi (all over lid lightly)
Lips: MAC New York Apple (Frost l/s), MAC Money Honey Dazzleglass

It's a real fast and simple look thay anyone can do. Muahs guys!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

LOTD: Deep gray and purple

Decided on this look very last minute before going to work, like usual!! I really had fun with this look. wanna try it?

Eyes: MAC Divine knight, MAC Vibrant Grape?? i think (style warrior)
Lashes: Buxom Mascara (this is the bombdiggity! my new fave)
Cheeks: MAC Enough said
Face: MAC Studio Fix power NC35, Refined Gold Bronzer
Lips: MAC Half n Half l/s, MAC Babysparks Dazzleglass

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One of My Fave Looks

Here is a look I love to do when I'm hostessing, or just simply going shopping or a day with the boyfriend. It's a bold beautiful color that I wish other girls could give a chance. These pictures don't give Show Orchid it's justice. It's much more vivid and colorful. Hope you guys likie (=

Thursday, May 7, 2009


k k, i am digging these new girls. omg. i love their style and it inspired me to reconsider altering some of my old clothes. now that I have the time to create things. i love new summer projects. before anyone gets too critical of this new group like "omg, another wondergirls", these girls tracks are not the typical k-pop, its more daring in a korean sense. more westernized but maintaing it's seoul roots. i love it. i am just so in love with their outfits.


ahhhhh I can't believe it's actually done. i was on the jun pyo and jan di team all the way. i developed a huge crush on jun pyo (lee min ho) as i was watching. sometimes when i should be studying I would be watching!! omg. anyways, if you have not yet watched this awesome series, you are definitely missing out I tell you. i honestly am not so crazy about the 'soeulmates', like I just kept thinking, when is jun pyo gonna be on!!! lol. i have the entire ost, I had to get the song by t-max fight the bad feeling. I lost sleep looking for that damn track. lol. yayyyy. i finally have it and can listen to it all day long in the car now.

now... i have returned to my old love, kwon sang woo. he's finally back everybody. after watching 'bad love' i felt like there was something missing. and kwon sang woo read my mind and decided to push it even farther and play 2 roles!!! woohoo. seexxxy. it's a huge different genre from boys over flowers, nothing to compare to, but i still love and enjoy watching 'cinderalla man'. he looks fine for a 30 plus yr old. the main girl is from SNSD so I am watching critically right now and critiquing her acting ability. lol. it's pretty akward for now, but I am giving her time. haha. gonna go back to watching now. toodles! ^__^

Sunday, April 19, 2009


My bestie & I

Me & my little sista


It is officially my school free weekend! I AM FINALLY DONE finals yo. I never knew that nursing would be this crazy stressful, such a huge shift from my psychology major. In the past week I probably only spent 4 hours sleeping in bed!!! and all the other weeks I only slept probably 3 hours a night. Just glad it's over...for now. Frickin' waking up at 4AM to go to clinical rotation..geeez. lol. anyways!
I currently have 4 jobs right now! accck. I am such a workaholic. I have decided to quit at my payday loans job (which is the place where you see me slacking off in a couple vids either modelling, singing, and blogging!) It is such a ghetto job, I seriously need to peek out the windows before I close the store and run into my car praying noone is gonna jump me! lol. But I'm gonna miss it since that's where I get my studying done, naps, and movie time done.......
I am feeling sooo tempted to go shopping, but I must resist!! i have been , i guess you can say, window shopping online and such. i have created this huge list of what to buy and in most desired to less desired?
Wow, this is getting long, sorry y'all. My bday is coming! I am turning, dun dun dun 22 on April 21. Planning on doing pole dancing class! Any suggestions?? I am in need of something new! here are just some random snapshots