Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Hair!! New Look

I was in desperate need for a new change to my look and was somewhat inspired after watching Hairspray and looking at some korean actresses hairstyles. It's a very different look for me and wanted to share it with my viewers to hear your opinion! Everyone seems to say that you can do so much more with long hair, but I find it more fun to style short hair! :) For the color, I asked my colorist to make it a light orange-y red shade

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tiny Makeup Sale

My first blog sale! :)

Email me on with your paypail email if you are interested
Shipping $3 ONLY TO CANADA
No returns or exchange
First Come First Serve
Not responsible for lost/damage (bubblewrap will be used)
Package will be sent out once PAID

MAC Ego e/s - Starflash limited edition-without box
used 1x

MAC Fashion Groupie - Starflash limited edition - without box
used 2x

MAC Beautiful Iris -veluxe pearl - without box
NEVER USED/Swatched 2x

MAC Shimmermoss - veluxe pearl - without box
used 5x

MAC One off - Starflash - Limited Edition - without box
NEVER USED/Swatched 1x


MAC Daft Pink mineralized blush - Color Craft Collection - without box
Limited Edition

MAC On a Mission -Beauty Powder blush - without box
Style Warrior Collection - limited edition

MAC Strada blush - matte finish - without box
NEVER USED/Swatched 1x

Essie Merino Cool
Fall collection 2010

MAC Gold Deposit MSF - without box
gently used 3x

Lise Watier Duo Cream Eyeshadow - without box
eyeshadow 1x/ glitter never opened

MAC Teal Pigment - without box
1 tsp used

Benefit "Talk to the Tan" 50ml - without box
used 1x

Saturday, November 27, 2010

'Kind of but not really' wish list

J'adore Dior: i think this one is a classic! i've always love the way it smelled, rubbing the sample in the stores an even magazine samples! It has a very feminine scent which I adore, hence J'adore. lol. There is a scent of orchids, Damascus plum and some amaranth wood. hhmmm soo good

Givenchy Play for Her Intense: Initially, I was sniffing the pink one thinking, 'wow. it smells gorgeous'. But then, shopping with my sister she had to argue that she wanted it first. So me being the nice older sister, said "fine, i'll just get the purple one then', of course with no enthusiasm. To my surprise, I felt it the Intense one was more better suited for me and my body oils. Basically, to me, it just smells 100x better for my tastes. A perfect winter fragrance. This ismy #1 choice. hhm yuuum. It has a woody, ambery floral aroma. Perfect to my liking. Sensual? YES IT IS! and alllurrrinnng

Friday, November 26, 2010


here's one of my first personal blog posts. Life has been pretty stressful for me especially this particular past year. I often have to put up a front socially to cover up my slowly crumbling world. I have to admit, I have always been a optimistic person, but there are always limits. Honestly, it may superficial, but I feel that if it weren't for me wearing makeup everyday to conceal my rough days each day, I think I would literally go insane. I have never been an 'academic' individual, but it feels like the more I think to myself that I'm not an academic person, the more and more lower my academic standings get. Nursing school has been a true challenge for me and has truly tested my personal abilities for patience and critical thinking. Sometimes you really have to just let go of your tears and just let it go and let it go loud if you have to. It truly helped me through these nursing years. In the back of my mind, I doubt myself and think that this is not my calling, but I always finish what I have started and I need to do this to prove something to my parents and especially myself.
On a financial perspective, I am pretty screwed, I have such poor self discipline for controlling my impulsive shopping habits. I just feel like I have been digging myself a grave a little bit at a time each time I pull out that damn plastic card. There are times when I absolutely have no money but still manage to drop 2oo bucks in an unplanned impulsive purchase for something I don't really need. But I feel so thrilled during those few moments after telling that makeup rep at the counter what you want and the satisfaction I have feeling the cool shopping bag in my hands. I am in trouble. I just think. It's gonna get better...soon.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Look

hey guys im just really diggin' these new frames right now. it really makes me stand out. && i thought that this lip color really goes with it. what do you guys think though? im wearing NARS matte lip pencil called Dragon Girl and surprisingly no lipgloss. a fave of Taylor Swift when she's performing on stage! i love it. im just wearing MAC Weekend Creme bronzer and MAC Refined Golden Bronzer on top.

Friday, July 30, 2010

FOTD: My everyday summer look

my lips are getting poutier! yay. thanks to my dior lip maximizer :)

im just using MAC satin taupe with MAC mythology in the crease, my eyebrows are using MAC lingering

im loving the neutral eyeshadows right now with statement lips :)
my lips are wearing rimmel l/s in coral queen and dior addict l/g pearl in 436
i love this chanel foundation. its soo flawless. i love it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

FOTD: Lovin' my corals

I love my corals right now! I am wearriiinggg
Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation in 40 beige
mixed with my Chanel Liquid Bronzing Illuminator
MAC Dainty Blush
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks in Nectar
NARS Laguna Brozer
Shiseido Shimmering l/s in SL11
Shiseido luminizing l/g in PK406
MAC Glamor Check e/s
MAC lingering eyebrows