Sunday, April 19, 2009


My bestie & I

Me & my little sista


It is officially my school free weekend! I AM FINALLY DONE finals yo. I never knew that nursing would be this crazy stressful, such a huge shift from my psychology major. In the past week I probably only spent 4 hours sleeping in bed!!! and all the other weeks I only slept probably 3 hours a night. Just glad it's over...for now. Frickin' waking up at 4AM to go to clinical rotation..geeez. lol. anyways!
I currently have 4 jobs right now! accck. I am such a workaholic. I have decided to quit at my payday loans job (which is the place where you see me slacking off in a couple vids either modelling, singing, and blogging!) It is such a ghetto job, I seriously need to peek out the windows before I close the store and run into my car praying noone is gonna jump me! lol. But I'm gonna miss it since that's where I get my studying done, naps, and movie time done.......
I am feeling sooo tempted to go shopping, but I must resist!! i have been , i guess you can say, window shopping online and such. i have created this huge list of what to buy and in most desired to less desired?
Wow, this is getting long, sorry y'all. My bday is coming! I am turning, dun dun dun 22 on April 21. Planning on doing pole dancing class! Any suggestions?? I am in need of something new! here are just some random snapshots