Thursday, May 20, 2010


something new! the packaging from tarina tarantino is lovely. so girly!

see! i feel like a princess! lol. look at all that pink and ribbons. lol

its called 'carved rose', i find it perfect how they label their blushes as Dollskin Cheek, cause it feels soo smooth

new @ my sephora! yay tokidoki. i was sssuuuppper psyched. they have such cute stuff

the bronzer is called 'Diavolina'. it's perfect guys. i love the texture. great for summer look. the lipgloss is 'Diamante' and omgosh. smells and tastes like candy. && the mascara is 'punk lash' and yes it is purple. but its pretty subtle.

hmm my first chanel purchase. yes, it feels soo nice. hehe :) hard earned tips! its from their summer collection. its called halee! with a french twist of course

even the case is 'fabulous'!

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